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  • Processing
  • Design & Verification
  • Product Innovation
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Looking after our most precious resources

Midas offers environmental management expertise to support projects from the conceptual through to the operational phase. This includes rural and industrial land development, resources, onshore oil and gas, agriculture, conservation and eco-tourism.

COMPLIANCE MADE EASY | Environmental impact assessment and approvals

Identifying, planning and managing environmental impacts and approvals across Australian state, territory, federal environmental law and regulations as well as international environmental law.

  • Mitigation of environmental impacts
  • Negotiation with government agencies
  • Facilitation and negotiation of legally binding environmental management commitments
  • Resolving and addressing compounding non compliance
  • Annual reporting
  • Technical reporting peer reviews
  • Cross-cultural government liaison


MANAGING THE FUTURE| Site closure and rehabilitation
  • Environmental bond relinquishment strategies
  • Mining rehabilitation assessment
  • Rehabilitation management plans and monitoring
  • Analogue site selection
  • Closure plans
  • Closure cost modelling
  • Remediation strategies
  • Erosion monitoring
  • Vegetation monitoring
  • Fauna monitoring
  • Weed management and monitoring


Your A-Z in  processing

The entire lifecycle of your operation covered from start to finish.


YOUR PROJECT IS UNIQUE | Specialised solutions are our day-to-day business

At Midas we understand that no two process routes are the same and every project needs a different approach. Out of the box is not a solution. That's why our team looks at each project differently with specialised solutions that make sense.


EVERY STEP OF THE WAY | Independent advice for projects

Our independence means we can provide unbiased reviews and appraisals of projects, even for financial institutions and others considering the lending of funds for expansion of existing projects, joint venture, purchase or royalty arrangements. Our thorough study reports can identify and assess significant factors affecting the operation of current or future projects across a multitude of levels:

  • Due diligence
  • Sighter testwork
  • Testwork
  • Scoping studies
  • Pre-feasibility studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Risk assesssment
  • Definitive studies





DESIGN THAT DELIVERS | Detailed engineering design for processing operations

Midas offers innovative engineering designs for processing operations around the globe. Our particular expertise lies in process engineering, plant engineering, design services and project management - including multi-disciplinary design and plant layout from concept to completion. Solutions cover all engineering requirements ranging from chemical, mechanical, piping, equipment, electrical, civil and structural engineering to project management, plant audits and operational optimisation.

In all our designs we look at plant design, processes and value engineering to maximise cost savings of capital and operating expenditures in plant design and operations. Midas' vast experience in detailed engineering design is underpinned by regular access to operating processing plants and the consultancy services that we provide to our clients. In addition to relying on proven methodologies and experience, our team makes use of our extensive suite of design tools including 3D design drawings for simulation and optimisation of the planned operation.


YOUR VISION A REALITY | EPCM of your processing operation

With our extensive experience in processing spanning many decades and continents, we are the ideal partner for providing our clients with Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) services for processing plants across all commodities.

Having all aspects of the project managed by a team of experienced specialists, your plant project is designed, procured, planned, built, and commissioned by reliable consultants.

We have a selected group of consultants, quality contractors and construction companies that we work with. Alternatively we are equally happy to make contracting arrangements with our clients' preferred suppliers.




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The engineering hub for specialised assignments

ENGINEERING DESIGN AND VERIFICATION | Specialist teams delivering the complete project package

With experts across a wide range of disciplines, our client's projects benefit from a variety of angles. Midas' design and design verification expertise comprises:

  • Process
  • Civil
  • Structural
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical and instrumentation
  • Piping
  • Drafting and modelling
  • Geotechnical
  • Hydrology
  • Expert witness
  • Masterplanning
  • Due diligence
  • Studies
SAFETY AND ACCESS | Engineering design that cares about the health and safety of end users

Workplace health and safety are not to be compromised. For decades clients have relied on us for the design and detailing for all manner of stairs, ladders, access platforms and maintenance platforms to current Australian Standards, ensuring statutory compliance for both onshore and offshore applications.

In addition we also design and detail brackets, davits, lugs and the like to support proprietary fall-arrest systems. Verification and/or modification of existing structures to support the dynamic loading from falls can also be performed. More detailed design work, including Finite Element Analysis, is useful for new products being developed as well as statutory compliance inspections and reports. Safety is key and must be paramount in operations and constructions. At Midas we have an outstanding track record with our safety systems and our design process is proven to reduce potential risks and mazimise safety.




A PROVEN METHOD | Product Innovation
Innovative thinking is more than waiting for the Eureka - through the application of methodical processes we establish a reliable scientific system for innovation that works within the particular context of an organisation and industry. Our solid framework that supports this process includes:
  • Identifying the objective or desired funcitonality of a piece of equipment, structure, system or software solution
  • Establishing multi-disciplinary project teams
  • Considering possible barriers and limitations
  • Developing the means to overcome barriers and limitations
IT'S ALL IN THE MIX | Multi-disciplinary teams are the secret to success
The cross-functional teams working on our client's unique problems are special in that they come from a range of different disciplines beyond the obvious. They are flexible and agile with a focus on pushing the boundaries and methodically thinking outside the box. Clients appreciate our pioneering work based on the result of these interdisciplinary communitcations using systematic exploration techniques.
The novel concepts that our teams develop help transform our client's intellectual property into working solutions.
GROUNDBREAKING SCIENCE | Product innovation that advances science
Among the many innovations that Midas' teams have developed over the years are some unique solutions to client problems. Ranging from pre-cast panels for fuel containment bund walls and automated ore test drop towers, to high pressure test vessels and patented processes for hydrometallurgical extraction of vanadium.

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On time, on scope and on budget delivery of projects

For your project's assured successful delivery, we can assist with integrated project management and technical professionals across construction management, tenders, procurement, logistics, relocations, estimating and scheduling.

DIRECTLY ALIGNED | A comprehensive approach

Midas' project management services align directly with clients' individual project requirements. Our approach to forming well-defined strategies includes:

  • Ensuring safety
  • Assigning the right people
  • Confirming scope requirements
  • Strategic communications
  • Managing information flows
  • Managing long-term outcomes
  • Change management
  • Cost, time and scope alignment
  • Cost control
  • Risk management
  • Design planning and coordinating
  • Standardised practises and procedures


CLIENT FOCUS | Tap into a team with decades of expertise

At Midas we work with our clients to achieve individual goals. Not an out of the box solution, but strategic procurement and operational strategies specific to desired outcomes. Sound project management that reduces CAPEX, OPEX as well as the overall design cost is aimed at maximising delivery and operational efficiency.


PROVEN METHODOLOGY | PMBOK in 3 stages for controlled project delivery
1. Initiation

The project's key stakeholders determine limitations, requirements and objectives to form the project definition bases. We develop the project charter, identify opportunities, constraints, solution options and recommendations within a quantified planning strategy.

2. Planning

High level planning, a feasibility study and the functional brief are developed for the project management plan. During this stage optional solutions are generated for review.

3. Delivery and Procurement

A procurement strategy is developed with stakeholders and the project is delivered within our optimised project management process. 


Maximising capacity, productivity and quality

Efficient practices are the focus in everything we do to maximise capacity, productivity, quality, employee engagement, safety and bottom line results for your operation.


RESULTS THROUGH EXPERIENCE | Value engineering for plant and equipment

We assist our clients in developing a competitive advantage by substantially improving capacity through enhanced plant and equipment performance. With a focus on quality, both maintenance and capital costs can be reduced significantly. At the same time a safer and more sustainable workplace can be achieved.


WORKING WITH YOU | Operational efficiency for your operation

Midas challenges the traditional consulting approach by working with our clients to put in place a long-term plan. Our objectives align with yours by:

  • Maximising process and operational effectiveness
  • Developing client employee buy-in and ownership of solutions
  • Promoting continuous improvement through area-based and cross-functional teams
  • Eliminating obstructions to optimal operations


LESS RISK, MORE SAFETY | A staged approach to operational excellence

No two operations are alike and each requires a unique approach. Maintaining low risk and high safety standards, however, are always on the top of the agenda. That's why we have developed an operational framework to guide the process, including:

  • Stakeholder engagement and information sharing
  • Future planning
  • Focused facilities, equipment and process improvement
  • Education and training
  • Safety and environmental management
  • Equipment management
  • Process throughput, quality, efficiency and waste management
  • Operational improvement
PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT COURSES | Specialist knowledge delivered to industry by our in-house experts

A range of over 40 specialised industry training courses are delivered by  in-house expert consultants on a range of industry specific topics. These courses give participants increased technical awareness and practical expertise no matter what their level of experience. Our extensive range of courses includes a variety of mineral processing methods, safety, risk assessment, metallurgical accounting, water management, engineering and design topics, and many more.


CLIENT FOCUS | We listen to you

We prefer a learning environment that is intimate with small groups of delegates where we can give personal attention to every participant, however we can also cater for large groups where required. Our courses can be designed and tailored to meet the unique requirements of each client and their employees.


WE LIKE TO SHARE | Free Insights Sessions on industry topics

At Midas we are passionate about continuous improvement and learning. and that's why we share our knowledge in one hour Insights Sessions. These Insights Sessions are offered free of charge every month, at our head office in Perth.


CUSTOMISED TRAINING | Staff training made to client specifications

If our list of standard courses does not include what you are looking for, we can customise a course to your organisation's specific requirements. Customised courses as well as any of our standard training workshops can be held anywhere around the world.

The customised training option provides clients with the opportunity to attend personalised courses designed specifically to satisfy employees’ unique requirements. Midas' customised courses offer flexible delivery options, with the date, time, content and location at the discretion of the client.


MANUALS | Reliable references and training materials

The Midas team creates, re-writes or updates commissioning and operating training manuals for plant and process machinery according to safety and best practice requirements. They contain key information that operators should know during start-up, operation and shut down. Proper training in operation of equipment can lead to a reduction in maintenance and operating cost whilst reducing the risk of losses.



Short term skills hire for specialist assignments

Call on Midas Skills Hire service for your operation's short and medium term labour hire needs of qualified professionals. Skills Hire facilitates professional placements for short and medium term assignments both locally and overseas. This service aims to provide extra capacity for our clients on an as needed basis, with technical back up from our experienced personnel at head office.


MORE THAN LABOUR HIRE | Skilled personnel with Midas support

Our site personnel have access to the technical expertise from in-house experts at head office, which has built our reputation as a leader in our field. Our site support includes:

  • Full access to Midas engineering personnel support including process, mechanical, electrical, structural, drafting and other disciplines
  • Full access to Midas range of 40+ training courses
  • Fully flexible assignment terms
  • Midas' own site safety induction training


PEACE OF MIND | The right people for the right job

Our selection method is based on industry standards including comprehensive screening and medical assessments for all candidates to ensure the calibre of person is suitable for the position and fits in with the company and culture of our client's operation.


A MULTITUDE OF DISCIPLINES | Specialist staff to suit your operation

Skills Hire personnel are offered across a wide range of disciplines:

  • Metallurgists/ Process Engineers
  • Mill Superintendents
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Plant Managers
  • Civil Engineers
  • Structural Engineers
  • Architects
  • Cost Estimators
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Project Planners
  • Drafters
  • Laboratory Technicians
  • Plant Operators Foremen
  • Trainers

Midas comprises a database of professionals with a plethora of experience across a multitude of disciplines and industries.

Interested in a position with Midas or our Skills Hire program? Apply in our People section.